Pinterest video downloader is a straightforward tool. It is effortless to use. You can easily download Pinterest videos, images, and gifs using the device. This tool provides good quality. With the help of the Pinterest video downloader tool, So, you can download video in mp4,mp3 and 1080, or other formats. You can download Pinterest video on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Why I developed this downloader? Because people easily download HD videos from this format. Thepterest is a site that gives you a pretty handy tool.

When you download the Pinterest video from this tool, you cannot be registered or log in anywhere you come and download the Pinterest videos. From this app, you cannot get download Pinterest videos. Still, from this service, you can easily download Pinterest videos. from Pinterest, you can generate an idea and download images and gifs. Million people watch Pinterest videos every day and find videos from Pinterest. You can download the 4k video with the help of this tool. You can use Pinterest for business.

How to download the Pinterest Videos

            How to use Pinterest video Downloader

You can use the Pinterest downloader tool. But you do need not to sign in; on this page, just put the URL of your videos on the search bar and click on the download, and the our downloader tool will provide you with good-quality results. First of all, you need to create an account on Pinterest. I will guide you on how you use the Pinterest video downloader. Follow the steps to download the Pinterest video which are given below:

Download Pinterest Videos on Mobile Phones

To download Pinterest videos from a smartphone and save Pinterest video on your phone gallery to follow these steps:

Pinterest Video save on your Mobile phone
#Click on ••• to copy the URL
You click on three dots to copy the video URL
# Copied link pasted on the search bar
And click on the Download button

#After the click of a download button
and again click on the below download button

Download Pinterest videos on Desktop

Downloading the Pinterest video from the desktop is the same as the mobile phone not difficult. You can download Pinterest video without any charges. You can easily download the Pinterest video following these steps

Step 1:

First of all, you search Pinterest website on google and other search engines. After that two options, you avail on Pinterest sign up or login in.

Step 2:

After that, you will see the videos on the screen. A list of videos, images, and gifs is displayed on the desktop screen.

Pinterest screen
Step 3:

So choose the videos and images you want to download. Click on the videos and images and open the videos and images. After opening the video you see the URL of the video on top.

Copying the URL of the video
Step 4:

Copying the URL of the video and put them on our tool search box and click on the download button the following video downloaded and save it on your desktop.

            How to download the Pinterest videos

You can download Pinterest videos by using this tool. It is free of cost. It is an online tool. You can download the Images, videos, and gifs without limitation. You can download Pinterest videos without any watermark. If you want to download any Pinterest media you need the Url link of the media. You can use the downloaded videos on many social media platforms. You can download unlimited videos. Finally, You can easily download the Pinterest video if you follow the steps given below:

1: Step First of all open Pinterest app, and select the video you want to download.

2:Step Then click the icon ••• on the right of the Pinterest screen and copy the link.

3:Step After copying the video link, paste the link on the search bar of the Pinterest video downloader.

4:Step You can see the download button below the search bar.

5:Step Click the download button, and the video, images, and gifs are downloaded.

Video Guide

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network where people see videos, images, and gifs. Pinterest is the largest platform in the world. People not only see the videos, images, and gifs but share the video with others. Using Pinterest use can generate new ideas. So, you can share Pinterest videos on social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and many social media platform. You can upload the videos on the Pinterest app. Pinterest has advantages and disadvantages. You take benefits from Pinterest.

Pinterest story downloader

You can download the Pinterest story and download videos from this Pinterest downloader. When you want to download the Pinterest gifs copy the URL and paste it into our search box and click on the download button.

Pinterest gif downloader

This is a Pinterest downloader tool you can download any type of Pinterest media including images, gifs, and other media. This site provides you Pinterest video downloader free of cost.

Pinterest image downloader

You not only download video you can download Pinterest images. If you want to download images you need simply paste the URL on the search box of this tool site. You can download popular online photo. The Pinterest users come to my site and download images because it is a completely free tool.

     Features of Pinterest video downloader

It is not a problematic tool. It’s entirely easy to use. You can easily download Pinterest video from this site. If you have a video URL you can download unlimited. The tool is designed for you because you cannot download videos, images, and gifs from Pinterest, but this tool lets you download your favorite content easily.

  • You can download any Pinterest video from this tool.
  • So people can easily use this downloader without facing any problems.
  • Not to sign up on this page; you will come on this page and take benefits from this tool.
  • Images are available in jpg format, and videos are available in mp3,mp4, and HD resolution.
  • You can download Pinterest video without any difficulty. Download your content with high resolution.

Thepterest is a friendly site

thepterest is a very secure site. This is a Pinterest video downloader site. You can download Pinterest videos online.,you do not need to log in or sign up to download Pinterest video. You just come to my site and download the Pinterest video. Moreover, you can download Pinterest gifs, images, and Pinterest story. if you did not know about downloading video through the tool. I will provide you video guidance.

Pinterest video downloader (FAQs)

: yes, this tool is free of cost. You cannot pay any charges to use this downloader. You downloaded the Pinterest video and enjoyed them.

Our Pinterest video downloader provides you with high-resolution and HD videos because of their quality. In addition, you can download in full HD quality.

Yes, you can download Pinterest video on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Yes, your security is our priority so that the Pinterest video downloader is secure for your device and no viruses occur.

Because I will provide HD results, you can download the videos, images, and gifs. I hope you enjoyed our services.

Final words

Thepterest is launched to help you save videos, images, and gifs without any limitations on your device. Further our tool is more stable and easy to use, and you can use it anytime, free of cost. You can download video easily. The Pinterest video downloader is a fast downloader and is completely secure.I hope you will enjoy my free service. When you like my service, kindly bookmark our page so you can access us anywhere.